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Information 19 Words, They Show How Daring, Bitcoin Was Really

Title :  19 Words, They Show How Daring, Bitcoin Was Really
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User :  Arajas
Date of publication :   2019-09-20
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Frames 19 Words, They Show How Daring, Bitcoin Was Really

Description 19 Words, They Show How Daring, Bitcoin Was Really

There is a phenomenon in anthropology is called the “the Download cult.” has been observed, for the first time in Melanesia, in the end of the 19th century, and the most famous of the timeline after the second world war, as the removal of the Pacific tribes created an imitation of planes and slopes pilotage imitated for a long time of the flight in the attempt to promote the return of the military parachute drops.

Load-culting is made up of groups of persons, wherein the shape of the substance that can easily catch visible notion, without understanding the reason for their existence.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the e-mail announced the birth of bitcoin, I've been thinking about the prevalence of exposure of cults in the blockchain in the industry, what caused them, and what we can do about it.

For example, many of the first transactions of a blockchain as a platform for the dissemination of all data from all participants, or in pieces of the sub-groups of participants defined. This is not’t how business works, and the orders must be privately paid for. But with the spread, was, like bitcoin, so that sometimes you felt as these platforms ‘be-culted’ the same concept, but it is quite logical for Bitcoin, but absolutely no sense for the company. Since then, revised its models, but as a community, we must ask ourselves: how is this to happen? We can do better in the future?

Similarly, many companies blockchain platforms to run in something called Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM) and ask the developer to program in a language called force. Not because the companies that want to learn completely new languages, but, because’s, like Ethereum do.

The problem is that, while the EVM was achievement was amazing, it was only a temporary patch: the Ethereum community exit to the public schemes in the near future. So’s hardly a reason to think, to say goodbye to him for the purpose of completely different, with the exception, perhaps, for reasons of load culting. This has real consequences: the learning of new languages of the money and the technology decisions of the company for a long time.

If this EVM-take based business blockchains root that one could imagine that the world’s business ecosystem, could in the course of the implementation of the EVM for a long time, after the platform for which it was invented, has evolved!

This submissive, the accession to a specific solution for a specific problem extends even to a basic principle of the company blockchain revolution: the existence of blocks.

Satoshi Nakamoto n'’t Wake up one morning and thinks: “What the world really needs, is that transactions are grouped and confirmed slowly in the blocks!” no, bitcoin is a system for batch processing, because the physical reality is the speed of light, that’s impossible in any other way, if you want to achieve also, the system’s goals of design around the pseudonyms crypto economic ally-intentivised consensus.

If Satoshi had set up a system that would have done in real-time.

Therefore, if you don’t has a few of bitcoin’s requirements, what’s the argument, why your solution must be the same, and the work as one of the 1960 batch of the central computer?

An example of a fight For the

I’ve long known that the world of business blockchains is consolidating even faster, what no one expected, that a “the day of judgment” will come. In this, the 10-year anniversary, the sheet of paper, has led a bitcoin, you can perhaps use an example to see what we can learn, as Satoshi this question took in the design a design that is really new, and free of the load-culting.

Played the e-mail that announced the birth of the whole project. Your first line reads as follows: “I’I'm working on a new system for e-money ’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.”

With a deceptively simple sentence, Satoshi Nakamoto, announced the arrival of Bitcoin.

Caught up in these 19 words, a precise specification of the requirements. No load culted-replication by a inadequate idea of the past, but a number of specific requirements that a particular design, then followed.

You’and s to unpack some of these words, to see how Satoshi makes.

Full of peer-to-peer: no, so of mainframes. No trusted third party: the e-money must actually be on the platform. (Otherwise, you will have confidence in the sender.)

This also explains why a focus on the network of participants through the execution of its own node: based, if you’t on the operation of the software for the control, and then,’d be, dependent on a trusted third party.

Perhaps what is more important, the absence of a trusted third party also means that the confirmation of the transaction from provider – young people can not be forced to identify themselves or the need to establish a party organization, once again a trusted third party through the back door.

This conscious absence of real identities means that you can implement’t to “a participant has the right to vote” if you have another way to connect with the real world. This leads to the proof-of-work, the layers of a confirmation in the top of the last, which, in turn, means that you give time, the confirmations for the dissemination throughout the world, which, in turn, leads to a need for batch processing, and therefore, the confirmations must be in the form of blocks. And so on.

It’s only a small exaggeration to say that the entirety of the architecture of bitcoin will inevitably and without a break of 19 words.

It is initiated by the details and the totality of the architecture.

Risks and options

In sum, the bitcoin is a wonderful, elegant solution to a very well-specified problem for the business.

It’is not without its problems, of course. And many of them are deep and fundamental freedoms: technical, ecological, and cultural. But we can’t under-estimate the degree of Nakamoto’s success. Ten years later, the dissemination of “the blockchain technology,”, seems to Nakamoto has been very influential.

And yet... As I mentioned I process all of the transactions blockchain platforms of today, from a precise specification of the requirements and difficult engineering. Instead, it will feel very different. Some of the load culted replicas of systems that are designed are, in fact, in order to solve problems is very different.

The solution to this problem lies in the technology.

To see what I mean, let’s views on the Corda, the open-source platform, the blockchain, which supports my team, and managed, with the help of a large and growing open source community. I don’t the intention of this piece to a sales pitch, so to say that you’ll before there are problems, the Corda is an incredible solution... and the problems, which it is not, is what! Investigation of self – and, where it makes sense.

But that is also my point of view: the Corda is a solution for a specific problem.

It was found that the Corda has a lot in common with other blockchain platforms (cryptographically chained transactions, Byzantine-tolerant options, consensus, bulk, and much more). But it also seems to be different in some essential.

As a result, we have in the Corda of the community has been criticized, this apparently non-standard-layout-options. But I think this criticism was out of place. The reason why platforms such as Corda to look different, because the solution of the various problems and have been designed from scratch to solve them. The differences are a feature, not a bug, so to speak.

For Corda, our mission is to help people and companies deal directly with the legal certainty and the final nature of the scheme, the more stringent of privacy, and the sum of the insurance, the “see what you see, is what I see.” as a result, the design is different. For example, there is a layer of identity, transactions are only sent all those to receive you, the transactions will be confirmed-at-a-time, in real time, and so on.

These platforms have been identified to solve a particular problem, and developed a good solution to this problem is not in the best of health. Fresh off the back of the largest CordaCon never, we have had the head in 2019 with the productive use in our, and the adoption on a large scale, directly in front of us.

Thank you, Satoshi, to show us the way.

Fuente: https://www.coindesk.com/19-words-prove-just-how-audacious-bitcoin-really-was/

Comments 19 Words, They Show How Daring, Bitcoin Was Really

Shawn Drumm
So far you were all wrong 😂 BTC WILL RULE THE WORLD
Comment from : Shawn Drumm

George Pavy
Hi Mr. Kristof,I enjoyed reading the Bitcoin Time Traveler's price predictions a year and a half after leaning about this post for the first time. I'm hoping it's accuracy carries through to the end of this year (2019) and beyond.
Comment from : George Pavy

Next run up will be to 89-90k then back to 15-20K
Comment from : R C

Talking Rubbish !
Comment from : R T

Arjay A.
Perhaps this time traveler did not know or understand the full scope, but if if we overlay his world over the theory of Blockchain being an AI invention, with Bitcoin as the monetary incentive for humans to maintain the distributed system an AI would need to scale, the dark future he describes is probable.
Comment from : Arjay A.

Drick Lorenz
The logic expressed at the 9:50 mark is extremely flawed. A flight to safety will not, and has not, benefited Crypto. As the months tick by this video, and others like it, become comically dated.
Comment from : Drick Lorenz

It's interesting but only the prediction of btc seems interesting .The rest of his story is way too out there to start to believe .So back to his prediction which starts in late 2013 by the looks .All he has done previous is pulled btc price data which was times 10 per year .So he then changes it up to 24 months which is times 10 and went with that .That is the only intriguing part of what he said .pretty much made 2 predictions only though to this year .i still find it cool. But as things go with new projects his calculations are standard measure ,balloon then float ,balloon balloon ...rah rah...I suspect its the reason McAfee is making his bet off for 1 million by 2020 (not because of this guy ) but supply and interest demand
Comment from : jeffries1

Allen Lichner
Comment from : Allen Lichner

Oliver Li
WOW! cool find!!! well, i feel great to be a cantonese. my people have taught me well how to hide assets nicely when you're sinfully rich LOL
Comment from : Oliver Li

Ak Jay
Just came to say your title is just a lol.
Can you go to the dictionary and look for the definition of prediction.

Comment from : Ak Jay

Complete bullshit. I saw this post in 2014. He was WRONG about it being 1,000 in 2015. At NO POINT in 2015 did it ever get anywhere close to 2015. It was trading below 300 the ENTIRE YEAR. He also made no mention of the bubbles and crashes. This is the worst prediction I have seen.
Comment from : Traey

Maudie Bush
Love your info and will subscribe.Spammers are shocking aren't they lol Top job.
Comment from : Maudie Bush

Jim Big
I thought Tether has been vindicated recently, showing they are indeed fully backed.
Comment from : Jim Big

Isn't the company ASICminer a Chinese company with physical location in China? Yet Mr Friedman rules it as a citadel king in 2025?
Comment from : lucysluckyday

butterfly effect. If he would hypothetically really be from the future there is a big change we will not experience that future as predictions change once they are aware off. There is no such thing as a prediction of a future, only a probability. However Reading it's story it does make sense if you read it trough. Even if it was just only to make us realise that it can even play out worse then the current corrupt economic system. If bitcoin really would become the new currency that might even be worse in the end. I guess we'll found out soon enough.
Comment from : muziekmindtwister

Cardano is gonna be the #1 coin in 2021 regardless of market cap
Comment from : StephenLucey3

TUSD will replace Tether in the long run.
Comment from : Antilli

Luke Walton
I thought the tether audit completed recently?
Comment from : Luke Walton

Karlos Bada
Comment from : Karlos Bada

michael del zitti
^^^^More pocket emptying bozo news^^^^^
Comment from : michael del zitti

never heard of that time traveler shit - fuck that blows my mind
Comment from : mainstream133

Thank you!!!
Comment from : LUD XRP

Samuel Huh
DIDNT WE HIT 20000 IN 2017?
Comment from : Samuel Huh

travel forward in time is possible, but I don't think we know how to travel back in time yet. I also do not think we can solve this in the next 10 years. It's probably fake af. The elites already planned out our future for the next 50 years at least. I do not think they want us to die. yet.
Comment from : finback2005

john McAfee comes to my mind
Comment from : finback2005

Best Man Gear
The answer is Jamie Diamon, but you have to do the opposite of what he predicts for it to work
Comment from : Best Man Gear

It got to 20k in 2017 so the article is bogus.
Comment from : maxavail

Petr Skupa
Did he had accurate prediction? He was writing in 2013 ... so he had to be approximately accurate with 2 values:
that is all.

Comment from : Petr Skupa

Comment from : 青唐辛子

lol.. promoting Cindicator
Comment from : Techpro

Ela Be
Ffwd to 12 mins. Ur welcome! Time is money & this dood tryna rob ppl.
Comment from : Ela Be

Ela Be
Did any of the other 60K who clicked on this video based on the title ever get what was advertised?! Geezuz. Ppl subscribed to this channel have way to much time & not enough REAL CLARITY n their lives to cling to, apparently
Comment from : Ela Be

Craig Nelson
Money Morning is not that accurate, I've used if before.
Comment from : Craig Nelson

Kurdish Investor
Comment from : Kurdish Investor

That time traveler thing is kinda scaring...
Comment from : HeartFilledHatred

Rezha Taufani
My question is how much progress currently we have on time machine today? How did that guy time slipping 6 Years from now?
Comment from : Rezha Taufani

Jason A. Never Forget Fukushima
What a total waste of my time 14min. of BS just to get linked to a redit post. f u and your click bait shit this is the first and definitely last video of yours I'll ever watch!!!!!! des anybody know if you can block shit video producers on youtube
Comment from : Jason A. Never Forget Fukushima

eeeekkk thanks for the info , friend
Comment from : JASON DAVID

Chip Vasquez
Marijuana and cyrpto? Heck I'm on both I don't feel the lambo?
Comment from : Chip Vasquez

Chip Vasquez
My prediction? I have no doubt there's going to be a Bull Run(s) between July 14th & 21st.
Mark my words.

Comment from : Chip Vasquez

The Antichrist
I have to ask, how could tether, who's market cap barely equates to over 1% of Bitcoin's current market cap, cause Bitcoin to drop by what would now be more than 10%?

moreover, everyone's been talking about this tether concern since before Bitcoin even hit 9000 for the first time. it's not as their tether is the entry point into crypto either, so if it died it would be no different than if Cardano or Tron or any other crypto outside the big 5 died.

Comment from : The Antichrist

#Crypto Goddess
Comment from : #Crypto Goddess

michael bonacci
Yeah, i remember that post
Comment from : michael bonacci

Esteban Quintana
Posted by luka magnotta? He was a serial killer from Montreal, Canada. Hope there’s no relationship lol
Comment from : Esteban Quintana

Kevin Dixon
He was wrong about 2015. It ranged from a low of $178 to a high of $500. Already wrong and if he's from the future of course he could offer proof but being wrong about price proves him wrong already.
Comment from : Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon
You sound like a conspiracy nut! lol jk But when you think about every conspiracy theorist in the movies turns out to be right. The time to be afraid to be called a conspiracy theorist is over because it's the mainstream media that is often wrong.
Comment from : Kevin Dixon

Grant Ward
I'm pretty sure sharing that market cap indicator is a breach of confidentiality. Hopefully for your sake, the CND team doesn't catch whiff of this video.
Comment from : Grant Ward

Kevin Dixon
Always been wary of Tether that's why I always trade to USD on Gemini. You can also do it on Kraken. Why are people risking money on such a shady coin?
Comment from : Kevin Dixon

Sektor Mortal
I love your comments, your attitude, and the language too.
Thank you for sharing this info. Have a great month.

Comment from : Sektor Mortal

Hello Mr_Kristof, how are you? I have a question. Is this a good legit investment from Palm Beach Confidential? You talk about this group a lot in your videos and would know if it's a scam or not. Please advise.

But to celebrate the announcement of The Great Cryptocurrency Conspiracy of 2018 event, and to make sure you’re in the best possible position to profit, we’d like to offer you discounted access to this course for only $7.

Comment from : Dan

Eden Zenarosa
Very nice video
Comment from : Eden Zenarosa

Hardcore Panda
Even a broken is correct twice a day.
Comment from : Hardcore Panda

Luka Magnotta, the same name of the killer... that message was posted on: 31th August of '13 - 01:31:31 (Wet. Europe Time) - just a curisoity
Comment from : dajosova

Alt Coin Maximalist BTC is just a PROTOTYPE
I assure you that this is no time traveller. Nothing like these can happen. Nice sci-fi story though.
About the BTC prices in the story: nothing special.

Comment from : Alt Coin Maximalist BTC is just a PROTOTYPE

Omar Touzani
I like what i hear! Wise words, and not some bullshit stuff like we are mooning, bitcoin is gonna be $50000 by the end of the year,....
Comment from : Omar Touzani

M. Bison
holy chet, i wish i read this dudes time traveler article years ago. wth, why haven't i seen it.
Comment from : M. Bison

eserve 247
mcafee stupid . ready to slap with shoes
Comment from : eserve 247

Matthew Kuraja
After 2 minutes of saying him and he regarding the time traveler without naming the guy, I had to down vote.
Comment from : Matthew Kuraja

Space Oddity
In the future....

US Gove will just make a dollar crypto to replace the paper ones.

Everything will run the same

Yes a few bitcoin early investors will be rich. Just like techi guys in the dot.com era.

Comment from : Space Oddity

Ryan Ellis
clickbait title
Comment from : Ryan Ellis

Dingus McGee
Most likely bitcoin will reach $130,000 by 2018 if $6,000 - $6,500 holds as the new bottom for the year and a 20× return rate is to occur again.
Comment from : Dingus McGee

Space Oddity
Last time I heard from time traveling dude it was bitcoin to $20K then $0. Guess he took down that video..
Comment from : Space Oddity

Dustin Witt
Nobody can predict human action and thus this person cannot predict what will happen nobody can it's impossible because humans have the ability to learn so if some people act one way then other will learn and may react differently in or at a different time and place. Arguing with this argues that humans don't have the ability to learn this you would never think this this contradicting your statement. In closing, human action is the definition of economics and trying to predict human action is arguing that humans can't learns which is contrdictional statement in it or it's self. Thank you, I'll be here all week!
Comment from : Dustin Witt

Julio Morales
I'm trying to find the link to the article you said you will post below.
Comment from : Julio Morales

Mohamed’s Bitcoin Crypto News
Yo that’s crazy. They just came out with an article saying that we lost a few hundred thousand bitcoins due to people losing their key, the prediction in the article is exactly the same.
Comment from : Mohamed’s Bitcoin Crypto News

alex manga
All was great work bud
Comment from : alex manga

Mic Jolly
I predict that BTC is going to be above $6600 by midnight tonight.
Comment from : Mic Jolly

Mic Jolly
I think its going to $650,000 by 2020. Why? Because I own 10 btc and I want it to. That's my only reason.
Comment from : Mic Jolly

M Beliv
Iota is the futur!!! No time to wait for lightning network and mining fees
Comment from : M Beliv

Simon Marks
If anyone wants to invest in Masternodes for as little as €100 and enjoy passive income paid daily ask me how?
Comment from : Simon Marks

PCN Preferred Currency News
Good research, thank you.
Comment from : PCN Preferred Currency News

Sell the Dip
Prediction is reasonable
Comment from : Sell the Dip

Ellie Yan
Really interesting video, loved..I be happy with 100k a pop for btc in 2019..I could do with semi retiring..
Comment from : Ellie Yan

Julie Oliver
If the electric goes out where is the value?????it's in the people hands who you gave it to... stupid
Comment from : Julie Oliver

Julie Oliver
People are trading hard earned money for AIR ELECTRIC A CON FROM NWO. WHERE IS THE REAL MONEY GOING WHEN YOU SEND IT? HAHAHAHAHA. THEY MAKE REAL MONEY ( WELL REAL FIAT FAKE MONEY , EARNED INCOME) AND GIVE YOU AN IMAGE OF MONEY.....Tell me that the people running this old scam aren't CIA!!! Think people because of your greed they own you. And if you think it's not designed to steel your wealth your stupid. You are being duped. I ask you again to think you are trading money that has a value for a thought with no value and it is completely valueless. It has no use except to guide people to follow electric money and it is completely and totally MANAGED BY THE WORLD GOVERNMENT...TO GET YOU USED TO BEING A COMPLETE SLAVE MINDS....
Comment from : Julie Oliver

This is a revolution and no one has to die, just buy and HODL
Comment from : Speedspirit100

I'm not sure exactly why people are worried about Tether, you can't exactly cash out with it? Binance now has U.S. Dollar token, it will be interesting to see how that pans out.
Comment from : GoldGunsandGolf

Jim Nielsen
What's accurate about that "time traveller's" predictions? It went to 20k in 2017, not 10k.. And in 2015 it topped at 500 dollars, not 1k.. He's been everything but correct.
Comment from : Jim Nielsen

No one can predict the market. But another interesting and very informative video. Love your style of work and it would be great to hear some more about privacy coins. There are amazing projects, some quite "old" and some pretty new like DeepOnion, but however looking forward to hear your thoughts on it.
Comment from : AnnarioN

the real game changer is digibyte #dgb , dgb will change the world.
Comment from : drgeek100

Look at the volume exchange for all the coins......there going DOWN!    Strange that they are not talking about that aspect.  Unbelievably CNBC did.    Strait truth is that volume should be going up to show increased demand, but volume continues to diminish, month after month.   You do the math.
Comment from : blondeblue32

Eh, how is $10,000 accurate for 2017?
Comment from : theplayernkc

Kathryn J. Hernandez
Very nice video. Thanks.
Comment from : Kathryn J. Hernandez

Jimmy Jimmy
as far as I know, Bitcoin is not really anonymous. Zcash and another 2-3 may be
Comment from : Jimmy Jimmy

dude, the guy who wrote that article needs to find a doc asap
Comment from : DOM

Carolyn Taggart
i see no reason why you guys are still complaining about the rise and fall of cryptocurrency, have you guys not heard about bthcoinbank?
Comment from : Carolyn Taggart

Ryan McAlister
2021 1million I don’t think so that is too crazy
Comment from : Ryan McAlister

Simply Connected
This time traveller is not accurate at all ! $1 in 2011 and 10x per year = $10,000,000 BTC 2018 - wildly inaccurate. This is an incredibly depressing piece.
"you must find a way to destroy this godforsaken project in its infancy"
Sounds like some old central-bank shilling goat, with his masonic gloom predictions - anything to grip onto power with their cold dead hands.
Its not difficult to give Bitcoin away if you have too much of it, you don't have to be super-rich if you don't want to be.

Comment from : Simply Connected

Tony Abbott
I subscribed to Money morning a year ago. I find their articles r mostly full of shit.
Comment from : Tony Abbott

I've turned 2100.00 into 4.6 million in a year and even I am not always right lol
Comment from : Ditkazbearz2

Austin Thresher Music
I THINK IT INTERESTING THAT HE COULD PREDICT EVERYTHING BUT THIS YEAR. Maybe because the hacker wrote it this year? I don't know. Seems convenient. You'll think to yourself but it was published back in....I said "hacker".
Comment from : Austin Thresher Music

Just Finish IT Records
No information in this video. Nothing at all.
Comment from : Just Finish IT Records

The time traveller is a legend. So let’s be frank - it’s probably the most accurate forecast that has been on YouTube yet 😂
“That’s not saying much though”
Wicked topic - nice vid (ppl definitely commenting) 👍🏾

Comment from : Daniel

Howis this 100percent accurate? 10k in 2017...regardless i like 100k in 2019
Comment from : roadstar499

Here's THE coins to own now : ETN. Reddcoin. DigiByte. Theta. Litecoin. Bitcoin. XRP.
Comment from : ROCK AUDITIONS

april robinson
The official currency of those who live in Mom's basement. What garbage!
Comment from : april robinson

G Stew
great vid. subbed
Comment from : G Stew

Jayna Williams
I wouldn't trust ANYTHING coming out of the chans or reddit. They are colossal LARPs, scam artists, manipulators, and hoaxsters of all kinds.
Comment from : Jayna Williams

Going to 7200 ish then a hard short to sub $5K maybe 4450 before real reversal. IMO
Comment from : lunarblues

P. L
Have checked the link of this time traveller. I can't connect the dotes of some events he described. Article submitted by Luka_Magnotta. The famous Luka Magnotta I know of is a convicted killer sentenced in Montreal, Canada.
Comment from : P. L

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