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Pigs Feet. A Pigs Trotter Terrine. #SRP What muftijstvosaraj.com

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Title :  Pigs Feet. A Pigs Trotter Terrine. #SRP
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Comments Pigs Feet. A Pigs Trotter Terrine. #SRP

Tommy Smith
Nice video
Comment from : Tommy Smith

5 pups. amazing.
Comment from : anomaly19851

Moody B Lewis
The rescue I foster for pulled a small, pregnant stray from the pound; 32 minutes before she was to be destroyed. She was in my care and got so large within 1.5 weeks, she couldn't breathe. She had to have an emergency c section in order to save her life. The vet pulled SIXTEEN puppies from her...small, but all alive! The same gas was used and mom woke up great, except for one thing. She immediately wanted nothing to do with her puppies. She refused to nurse or clean them. I bottle fed/syringe fed all 16 for the first 24 hours. Three more fosters stepped in to help. It has been 4 days since their birth and we are down to 8 pups. Still amazing that any survived, not knowing her due date. They are preemies but the surgery was to save mom's life, for the second time. I had no idea there is such a high percentage of C-section mothers who don't bond with their pups!
Comment from : Moody B Lewis

Anna Grace
Why can’t French bulldogs have puppies naturally??? Like they’re bodies were made to do???
Comment from : Anna Grace

Joshua Rivera
My frenchy gave birth today so cute
Comment from : Joshua Rivera

RY/\/\/ STR/\CK
If you go to France you could see that. It’s an effect of irresponsible breeding looking for small body and large bobble type looking heads that cannot go through the birth canal. No one should be getting a dog pregnant artificially then putting the poor mother through countless procedures. Again and again and again. Your sick
Comment from : RY/\/\/ STR/\CK

# Kamal
Mam is it harmful for baby mother...? How many times we can do c section on female mother in her life time?
Comment from : # Kamal

Ocean Blue
Idk why but I almost cried😅
Comment from : Ocean Blue

Greenfort joyriders
My dog blue was going to get a C-section now I'm just going to let her have her puppies naturally
Comment from : Greenfort joyriders

Let the mother give birth her self fuck u
Comment from : _lil_gummy

priscilla swetman
How much does a c section cost?
Comment from : priscilla swetman

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